Hot Sale Legend of Zelda Sand Seal Plush

Hot Sale Legend of Zelda Sand Seal Plush

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A recreation of the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in-game Sand Seal plush! Entirely hand sewn out of fluffy fleece, this plush sits about 9" tall, 12" long face-to-tail, and 13" wide fin-to-fin. You can also choose one of three colors for your seal, based off of the colors available in game.


I'll need anywhere from a few days to 2-5 weeks to make and ship your pillow, possibly longer depending on my schedule. I'm an engineering student with a large course load, so unless I'm on break it might take a little bit to give you the best quality I can!

If you have any questions or need it by a specific date, feel free to message me!